At the outset of 2019, Nativity of Our Lady Catholic Community began  a journey that honors our past and builds for the future. Preserving the sanctity of our traditions, we will make various infrastructural upgrades and improve our parking and traffic flow. This total capital campaign totals $3.6 Million (including estimated interest and diocesan annual appeal). Through faithful stewardship and prayer, we ask all members to give generously. Let’s prepare our hearts to contribute over the following three priorities:

PRIORITY 1: SAFETY: $1,379,000

  • Rebuild parking lot
  • Replace existing chain link fence and add a new sign (corner of Daly and Jeffrey)
  • Re-roof building and add solar panels
An overhead view of the a concept sketch of the new parking lot with softscaping.

PRIORITY 2: GROWTH : $940,000

  • Remodel and expand church interior to add about 20% more seats
  • Build a new rectory on the property
  • New heating and air conditioning for classrooms
An overhead view showing extra seating space in the sanctuary.

PRIORITY 3: WELCOMING : $1,238,000

  • Entryway atrium at the front of the church
  • Prayer Garden
  • Tower with the Nativity Star
Artist's rendering of entryway atrium and tower. Note covered walkway behind the tower.


SAFETY - Our first priority as stewards of God's resources is the safety of our parishioners. Currently we face a parking lot with:

  • No night lighting
  • Rough surface, drainage problems and deteriorating foundation that can no longer be repaired
  • Deteriorating sewer line under the parking lot is in need of repair
Our parking lot is deteriorating and in need of a complete demo, regrading and resurfacing.

GROWTH - Current seating capacity will not support future growth

  • Since 2012 families registered in the parish have grown from about 150 to almost 500
  • Some liturgies are at standing room only

WELCOMING - Our building doesn’t make a good first impression as a church

  • We look like a school, not a church.  New visitors sometimes can’t find the entrance
  • An improved entrance to the church will help welcome members and enhance the worship experience for all.
Our current entrance leaves visitors guessing as to how to enter!


Together as we move forward in God’s will, let’s strengthen how we trust Him faithfully. With every prayer, praise, donation, and opportunity to serve, we will give Him the glory. To achieve our goal of $3.6 million, please consider to what extent you are able to give to the Raising The Star Capital Campaign. To pledge online simply click here to make a pledge via credit card or checking/savings account. You can give immediately, give in a one-time payment, or over time up to a maximum of 3 years. And you can give at intervals that make sense for you. If you wish to give stock or vehicles, please contact Deacon Tom at the church office: 805-544-2357. And thank you for your prayerful support!