August Update

Dear Nativity of Our Lady,

I hope this letter finds you well and safe.  In these challenging times I wanted to take this opportunity to pass on some much needed positive news regarding our parish project.


If you have not had a chance to visit the parish site, you should know that the first phase of our Raising the Star Capital Campaign is well underway.  Our parking lot began construction at the beginning of July and has been steadily progressing.  It is a significant undertaking requiring a deep penetration of the ground to prepare for the upcoming installation of a mesh lining throughout the parking lot to mitigate the damaging expansion and contraction of the clay substance underneath the surface.  Also, a significant amount of trenching is required to allow for the nighttime lighting.  All of this has been made possible through the generosity of our Raising the Star donors who have pledged $2.9 million toward our $4 million dollar goal.  


As we move forward with the ongoing elements of the project, we have been directing our attention to the new entryway, tower and atrium.  This new entry is requiring a significant amount of design consideration as we attempt to create a recognizable entry for our church and a pleasing composition for the area surrounding the church tower. You may recall we received a generous grant from the Harold J. Miossi Charitable Trust to be applied toward the atrium.  To accomplish this goal we have been working in collaboration with our Landscape Architect, Jim Burrows and Ten Over Architects.  The process of finalizing these plans is painstaking but necessary in order to avoid costly change orders once the construction has begun.


Raising the Star also includes the development of a rectory house for the resident priest of Nativity of Our Lady.  It has been my hope to place a home on the southeastern corner of our parish property.  In placing the home in that location it was my plan to minimize any disruption of the overall property.  However, as we have investigated the details of this proposal, we have found that the parish property naturally drains into that very corner.  The cost of grading or redirecting the water in order to safely accommodate a residence on that piece of land would escalate the overall cost of the project considerably.  While it would be possible to develop the northeast corner of our property for a rectory - I am concerned that we then limit any future church plans or development on what is currently an open section of land.  

Consequently, I would like to consider all possibilities regarding a rectory house.  One suggestion has been for the parish to acquire an existing home within ten minutes of the church, or a nearby piece of land that could be developed into a home.  If you know of such a possibility, we would be most grateful.  In the meantime we are continuing with our plan to install updated heating and air conditioning in all of our classrooms in anticipation of that great day when we can all reunite at Nativity of Our Lady for worship, for religious education, for communal prayer and the light and grace that naturally occurs whenever we are all together.

These days we seem to be hearing a preponderance of negative information and yet here at Nativity of Our Lady we continue to promote hope and courage during these difficult days. With gratitude for your ongoing spiritual and financial support, I am sincerely yours~

Father Matt Pennington


$2.9 M
As Of:
Aug 21, 2020 12:27 PM
25% Left To Reach Our Goal.